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The Temple Canton is a location in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


The Temple is found at the southernmost tip of Vivec City, just before the Palace of Vivec. With the Palace, it is considered the holiest place in all of Vvardenfell by the Dunmer. It is the headquarters of the Tribunal Temple in Vvardenfell. It is also the most heavily guarded place on the island. Central administrative organizations are stationed here, at the Hall of Justice and the Hall of Wisdom. Two large statues of Vivec guard the entrances to the High Fane and tower over the Hall of Justice and the Hall of Wisdom.

The Shrine of DaringEdit

On the terrace of the Temple Canton, in the south-west corner, the Shrine of Daring can be found, which is also called "Shrine to stop the moon," that commemorates Vivec's feat, when he saved the people of the city from the devastation of a falling satellite.

If a Rising Force Potion is donated to the Shrine, it will confer the blessing of Levitation, 100 points in magnitude, lasting for 48 minutes.

Ministry of TruthEdit


The Ministry of Truth

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Above the Temple, one of the most striking features of Vivec City can be seen, The Ministry of Truth,[1] also known as Baar Dau.[2] It is a large floating satellite hanging above the Temple, suspended only by the power of the god Vivec,[1] and later the Ingenium.[3] The Ministry of Truth is used as an inescapable prison, where prisoners that are considered dangerous by the Tribunal Temple are kept.[1]


Hall of JusticeEdit

The Hall of Justice is the headquarters of the four orders of the Ordinators.

Hall of WisdomEdit

The Library of Vivec and offices of high-ranking Temple members can be found at the Hall of Wisdom.

High FaneEdit

The High Fane, Vvardenfell's biggest temple, is a center of attraction for pilgrims.


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