Vodunius Nuccius is a miscellaneous quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.



Around Seyda Neen you will likely find an Imperial by the name of Vodunius Nuccius. Talk to him about little advice and he will point the Nerevarine towards Darvame Hleran, the town's Silt Strider operator.

Go to Darvame Hleran and talk to her about Vodunius Nuccius. It will be discovered that he isn't happy in Vvardenfell and wishes to return to Narsis, but lacks the drakes to do so.

Return to Vodunius and he will explain how he really is unhappy in Vvardenfell and wishes to return to Narsis but lacks the funds to do so. He is trying to sell a cursed ring of his to get the drakes he needs but nobody would buy it. From there, one choice is to buy the ring for 100 drakes or choose to save the money. If the ring is not bought, it can always be bought again by talking to Vodunius.

After buying the ring, Vodunius will be grateful and upon the next trip to Seyda Neen he will disappear, presumably gone to Narsis.

Journal entriesEdit

Vodunius Nuccius
IDJournal Entry
1 Darvame Hleran mentioned that she didn't think Vodunius Nuccius was happy here.
  • Quest accepted
100 I bought a cursed ring from Vodunius Nuccius so he would have enough gold to leave Morrowind. I hope I have better luck with the ring, and with my adventures in Morrowind, than he did.
  • Quest complete
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