The Void is a cosmic realm of utter nothingness. It is the domain of Sithis, and is the place from which the Daedra of the realms of Oblivion spawn.


Before all, before the creation of Mundus, Aedra and Daedra, of the vast planes of Oblivion, there was the Void. The Void is space filled with everything but nothing. An eternal heaven, filled with darkness. Originally before anything, there were two divine beings: Anu and Padomay, both brothers but representing complete opposites. When Padomay confronted Anu in combat and both their blood spilt, it gave birth to the modern gods. When their spilled blood mixed, it gave birth to the Aedra, but Padomay's lone blood ended up giving birth to the Daedra. This leads some to refer to Padomay as "The True God"; the one who existed before everything else and whose chaotic nature caused the reaction that gave life to the current gods.

Popular opinionEdit

The most common view of the Void and its ruler Sithis by mainstream religion is the next thing to hell. Its rejected worship by the followers of the Nine Divines causes the public opinion of the area to be often turned down, however that does not mean it is forgotten in the wind. There are many people across Tamriel who worship Sithis and plan on going to the Void when they die. Some major organizations are the Dark Brotherhood, a cult of assassins who serve Sithis through killing, and the Crimson Scars, a vampire assassins guild. Aside from larger cults, there are few others who worship the Dread Father in their own way. Many vampires worship Sithis, and some of the Argonian culture revolves around Sithis.


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