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4th First Seed

Today I was thinking about how I'm constantly bombarded by admirers asking me to recount all my tales of sleight-of-hand genius, and I had the most amazing idea—I could sell them!

People love my stories (and really, they are quite good), and with just the right minor embellishments, they will capture the hearts (and coinpurses) of all.

Who doesn't enjoy a lovable rogue? I think I've invented an entirely new way to pick pockets! Ah, I do kill me. Now, which ones will be best to start with? I'll keep a list here of stories to write down later.

Vol Visits the Duke

A Pocketful of Picklefish

A Fine Day at the Faire

Vol and the Mayor's Earring

A Grave Misunderstanding

My Friends the Gem Merchants

A Duchess and Her Diamond

A Night at the Rusty Raven

The Poisoned Purse


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