Not to be confused with Voldsea Arvel.
"I'm a sailor on the Northwind. We're laying over in Windhelm for awhile."
―Voldsea Giryon[src]

Voldsea Giryon is a Dunmer sailor and a crew member of Captain Kjar's ship, the Northwind.


She lives her life on the river and greatly appreciates feeling solid land under her feet once in a while, and is the only sailor of the Northwind to do so while docked in Windhelm. She holds a great respect for her captain as being fair to his crew and seems generally happy living the sailor's life.

Voldsea states she does a lot of walking to prevent weak legs, and that is indeed all she will do. She will loop the Gray Quarter and lower residences for the entire night. She will never go to the west side of town or even the docks. The only building she will enter is Candlehearth Hall, where she will remain from 4:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.


  • "I'm a sailor on the Northwind. We're laying over in Windhelm for awhile."
  • "It's good to spend some time on solid land."
  • "A life on the river makes for weak legs, so I do a lot of walking when we dock."
  • "Captain Kjar expects the best, but he's a fair man. He never fails to reward hard work and loyalty."


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  • She will occasionally stop her walk and applaud. This could be the result of walking out during the bard's performance.


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