"...Dawnguard getting to be more than a nuisance... gather some of the hunters... teach them a lesson..."
―Volkihar Vampire[src]

Volkihar Vampires are NPCs afflicted with the disease Sanguinare Vampiris. These as with all vampires are classified as undead and are typically found underground in caves or dungeons. But they may be occasionally encountered out in the wilderness of Skyrim during a random encounter.


Functioning as mages who cast Frost spells, Shock spells, and Vampiric Drain, they are typically accompanied by their thralls.

Fire damage hurts them immensely, while they are resistant to frost damage. Staves, spells, and enchanted weaponry of the former variety works effectively against them in battle. Shock spells are highly effective on them, as they almost always use magic, and shock spells drain magicka.

As all vampires are classified as undead, spells cast at these creatures are more effective when augmented with the necromage perk.

Spells and perksEdit

Spells Perks

Contracting vampirismEdit

The Vampirism-causing disease, Sanguinare Vampiris, can be contracted from these creatures, either during melee combat or by being the target of their drain spells.


Possible spawn locations for this enemy:



  • Though the Volkihar Clan exists in Dawnguard, one may encounter Volkihar Vampires in the base game.
  • These vampires can make very effective Dead Thralls, for more information see the Dead Thrall page.


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