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Volmyni Dral's House is a house belonging to commoner Volmyni Dral situated in south-central Sadrith Mora. Both the owner and her lover, a trader by the name of Mossanon can be found within.


Pledge from Canctunian PoniusEdit

When attempting to collect a pledge from Canctunian Ponius on behalf of the Imperial Cult, the Nerevarine is informed that three-thousand gold was embezzled from the East Empire Trading Company treasury. Canctunian refuses to fulfill his obligation unless the gold can be recovered from Mossanon.

A series of leads eventually result in the Nerevarine tracking him down and finding him here. Mossanon says that his crime was committed for love, and he has since come to realize that it was both foolish and unnecessary. Volmyni loves him for who he is, not for his wealth. He offers to hand over the gold in exchange for secrecy, fearful of being separated from Volmyni if brought to trial for his deeds. It is up to the Nerevarine to decide what should be done with him.



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