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Volrina Quarra is an Imperial rogue, and vampire who resides in Morrowind. She resides in the Dwemer Ruins of Druscashti and is an Ancient of the Quarra Clan. If the Nerevarine becomes a vampire from another Quarra vampire, she provides some quests, as she considers them to be an abomination, but still of some use.


The Cult of Lord IrarakEdit

Volrina tasks the Nerevarine to kill Irarak, a rogue vampire who is the leader of his own cult.

The Quarra AmuletEdit

After killing Irarak, Volrina asks the Nerevarine to find certain raw materials, as she requires them to make a large number of magical amulets for her clan. Once they delivered the ingredients, she will give them one last task; to kill 12 vampires belonging to Clan Berne and Clan Aundae.


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