Volunidai is an Altmer noble living at her manor. Its location depends on the Vestige's allegiance. She has a servant named Azogu.


The One That Got AwayEdit

During the events following Prison Break, the Vestige hunts for Nicolas and meets Bellulor Chatterbeak, who in turn directs them to Volunidai's manor. The Vestige converses with her.


The One That Got Away

"I don't often receive visitors in my garden. Especially the uninvited ones."

I need to speak with your husband. "Vantus? Whatever for? And who are you, exactly?"
'Vantus' and I have unfinished business. "He struggles enough finding his muse. Distracting him with financial matters will disturb his concentration. I must ask you to leave. I will inform Vantus you stopped by."


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