Vondham Barres was a scholar of the Imperial University and is the author of the A Scholar's Guide to Nymphs.


"I grew up a scholar, an ascetic devoted to knowledge, with eyes that saw beauty in a fascinating passage in a dusty tome, love in the candle that allowed me to study on starless nights, passion in a well-reasoned argument of a long dead issue. I was a student who never graduated and was never expelled."
―Vondham Barres about himself

Vondham Barres is known for his research of the mythical Nymphs. When other scholars said that nymphs were not a subject worthy of research, Vondham saw it as an opportunity to study previously unstudied species.

He sent word around to several well-known temples and guilds devoted to study in all the provinces. However, most replies that came back weren't serious in nature. The only serious reply came from Magister Oitos, from the School of Julianos in Sentinel.

With help of the Magister, Vondham managed to locate a Nymph grotto somewhere at Iliac Bay. After three months of waiting and bringing gifts the nymph finally revealed herself. In return for the gifts she told Vondham all he wanted to know.

After writing A Scholar's Guide to Nymphs, Vondham disappeared from the civilized world never to be seen again.



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