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Vos is a minor settlement located on the northern edge of the Vvardenfell Grazelands and is occupied by House Telvanni. Vos is one of the few remaining settlements built by the Chimer during Velothi's time.

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Vos is the northernmost town in Eastern Vvardenfell. Vos is the last settlement on the main road of Vvardenfell that goes through other settlements such as Molag Mar, Suran, Balmora, and Gnisis. Upon entering from the south, you are introduced to the town square, where many of the village's buildings are located. Some homes are located on the outskirts, serving the purpose as a Saltrice farm and what not. The two closest settlements to Vos are Tel Vos and Tel Mora which are Telvanni Towers that have significant control over Vos. Other than that, there are no establish settlements nearby except for Tel Aruhn and Sadrith Mora, deep within Azura's Coast.


Second EraEdit

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During the Interregnum in 2E 583, Vos was under the control of House Telvanni from Tel Mora, under Mistress Dratha. Dratha soon fell ill and had Master Savarak Fels continue leading Vos in her place. Savarak imposed heavy taxes on the people of Vos and ruled with an iron fist. The people of Vos were oppressed, and Dratha's Mouth, Llayne Sadri was investigating the situation. Llayne Sadri asked an Outlander called the Vestige to help her and learn about Savarak's suspiciously sudden wealth. The Vestige learned that Savarak was tasked by House Hlaalu to poison Dratha and have Vos and Tel Mora become Hlaalu Territory. Savarak poisoned the roots of Tel Mora to hurt Dratha and planned to escape Vos from Selvil Island. The Vestige rescued Tel Mora and defeated Savarak. Bringing Dratha back to power in the process.[1]

Third EraEdit

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Vos was a well-established settlement in 3E 427 when the Nerevarine Prophecy came to fruition. Not much can be said about Vos, but due to Vos' insignificance to the Tribunal, it is not focused on in Almsivi Intervention. The leader of Vos was Master Aryon, and he ruled from Tel Vos, located in the west of Vos.[2][3]

Fourth EraEdit

In 4E 5, the Red Mountain in the middle of Vvardenfell erupts, and the resulting lava flows destroyed all of Vvardenfell's life and cities. Many settlements such as Ald'ruhn, Sadrith Mora, and Vos were destroyed in the midst of the eruption. A House Redoran councilman from Blacklight decided to start a relief effort to rebuild the settlements on Vvardenfell including Vos. As of 4E 201, it is unknown whether this relief effort was completed or not.[4]




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