Vounoura is an island located off the coast of Morrowind. Its current location is unknown at the moment but it can be deduced that it is somewhere near Vvardenfell and in takes a month to travel there from Tel Aruhn. Morag Tong assassins go here to retire from the guild. It is possible that Vounoura is located somewhere along Azura's Coast.[1][2]


First EraEdit

In 1E 2920, when Morag Tong members become infamous in the public eye, they are sent to the Isle of Vounoura to hide them from any attacks. This was the case for Corda, a student at the Morwha Conservatorium in Hegathe, Hammerfell, murderer of Versidue Shaie, and sister of Rijja, a servant of Emperor Reman Cyrodiil III. She left Tel Aruhn for Vounoura on the 14th of Sun's Dusk.[1]



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