Vrage, better known as Vrage the Gifted, was a Nordic king in the First Era.[1] He was also a member of the Ysgramor Dynasty. He was the "second and most noblest son of King Harald."[2]


King Vrage began the expansion from Skyrim into other Provinces, and it was his expansion that led to the First Empire of the Nords.[3] Within a span of fifty years, Skyrim ruled all of northern Tamriel, including most of present-day High Rock, a deep stretch of the Nibenay Valley (Cyrodiil), and the whole of Morrowind.

High Rock

As recounted by Khosey, when the Nords first encountered the Bretons of High Rock, they mistook them for Mer, as "ten generations of intermingling had made them almost indistinguishable from elves."[4] However, when King Vrage learned of these people, he realised that they were likely descendents of human slaves from the Elven destruction of Saarthal.[5] Vrage then made it his top priority to liberate his "long-tormented kinsmen in High Rock", however, his initial onslaught only took him as far as the Bjoulsae River, as the Elven magic was too strong.[6]


The Conquest of Morrowind was one of the epic clashes of the First Era, when many a desperate contest between Nord and Dunmer were fought in the hills and glades of that dire kingdom, still recalled by the songs of the minstrels in the alehouses of Skyrim.[7]


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