Vulthuryol (Dragon Language: V.svgU.svgL.svgT.svgH.svgUr.svgY.svgO.svgL.svg Vul–Thur–Yol, "Dark-Overlord-Fire") is a hidden Ancient Dragon, summoned in the underground Dwemer capital city of Blackreach. He is a metallic bronze color with a black and beige pattern on his wings and tail.

Summoning Vulthuryol[edit | edit source]

To find Vulthuryol, access the center building area in Blackreach where there is a large yellow orb above the Blackreach Debate Hall and the Hall of Rumination. The closest exit from Blackreach to this orb is the Great Lift at Mzinchaleft.

The orb is visible upon entry. A number of Falmer and Falmer Servants will be hostile and one must thus fight their way through them. After doing so, use Unrelenting Force on the orb. Doing so will make the orb ring and echo throughout the caverns. This will summon Vulthuryol.

If the Dragonborn summons Vulthuryol and does not engage in combat with him, he will eventually take up a stationary position on the ground outside of the south entrance to the orb complex. If the Dragonborn is positioned on the ramps leading from the top exit of the Hall of Rumination or another high vantage point, Vulthuryol can be range attacked and he does not rise from the ground. Vulthuryol can only be summoned once.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Unlike other dragons, Vulthuryol will not fly while fighting the Dragonborn but will crawl on the ground, using Fire Breath.
  • Although being an Ancient Dragon in its essence, Vulthuryol has a meager damage output for both shouts and bites and drops standard loot for a dragon, but he is still difficult to defeat if fought by a Dragonborn lower than level 20.
  • Vulthuryol cannot be tamed using the Bend Will shout.
  • The orb can be activated to summon Vulthuryol without the Dragonborn knowing any shouts by reanimating a Draugr using a necromancy spell or the Ritual Stone power and leading it to Blackreach. By attacking the reanimated Draugr, they will become hostile and attack the Dragonborn with a shout which will trigger the orb if directed at it. Vulthuryol will then be summoned, allowing the Dragonborn to slay him and obtain a Dragon soul without having completed "Dragon Rising."

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