Not to be confused with Vyctor Geric.
"We're hanging by a thread here. One more setback and we've lost this war."
―Vyctoria Girien[src]

Vyctoria Girien is a Breton residing in the city of Cheydinhal.

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Spice[edit | edit source]


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Dialogue[edit | edit source]

"We're hanging by a thread here. One more setback and we've lost this war."

Why are you fighting? "For justice. When the Empire collapsed, the troops stationed here took over the town for their own gain. The townsfolk became their slaves, working solely to keep the troops fed, barely getting enough to live on themselves."
What sparked the rebellion? "Donus Falto. When the Imperials forcibly enlisted him, he fled. His parents were devastated. His dad has been risking his life in the wilderness, trying to find Donus. That was the spark. The rest of us took up arms and started fighting back."
Show: Ayleid Treasure
In Cheydinhal:

"We're hanging by a thread here. One more setback and we've lost this war."

Any work for me? "I have a job that's a little unusual, if you're interested. And if you're not scared of Ayleid ruins."
I'm listening. "I used to collect items from Ayleid ruins. Nothing valuable, just little bits of things. I was about to explore the ruins of Vahtacen when war broke out. I haven't been able to leave town since. Would you search Vahtacen for me?"

After returning from Vahtacen:

"You smell like someone who's been in an Ayleid ruin. Did you find anything in Vahtacen?"

I found this. "It's beautiful! It'll definitely go on my mantle at home, if I ever get my house back from the Imperials."
Show: Spice
In Cheydinhal:

"We're hanging by a thread here. One more setback and we've lost this war."

Anything I can do? "I usually leave the dirty tricks to Sylvian, but I can't pass this up. I've been given a spice that will caus all sorts of trouble if added to the Imperials' food. Willing to make some Imperials sick?"
Sure. Where do they store their food? "Across the river. Some is in a house and the rest inside the old church. May Akatosh watch over you!"
I'll be back.

After poisoning the Imperials' food:

"Well, did you add our special ingredient to the Imperials' food?"

Yes, it's done. "Ha! I look forward to the sounds of puking coming from across the river. Should make things safer around here for a day or two. Great job!"
Show: Prisoners of War
In Cheydinhal:

"We're hanging by a thread here. One more setback and we've lost this war."

How can I help? "That's what I like to see–a volunteer! A couple of my soldiers were recently captured by the Imperials. I'd like you to get them back."
Where are they being held? "A spy reported that they're in the graveyard to the east, under guard. Still eager to help?"
Yes, I am.

After saving the prisoners:

"Glad to see you made it back. The troopers you freed ran in just a bit ago. They were pretty happy to be among friends."

Happy to help. "I'll keep you in mind if anyone else gets captured. The soldiers insisted I give you this reward."
Show: The Burned Estate
In Cheydinhal:

"We're hanging by a thread here. One more setback and we've lost this war."

What can I do to help? "Bandits have taken advantage of the chaos in Cheydinhal to overrun several outlying estates. One such group–the Shadowed Path–now controls an estate southwest of town."
So? "They've erected Daedric stones at the estate. The Shadowed Path mages use the stones to summon powerful atronachs. These monsters have been waylaying travelers and even some of my soldiers. Will you destroy the stones?"
I'll take care of it.

If approached again:

"As the Empire's grip on Cyrodiil loosens, evil groups like the Shadowed Path crawl out of their holes. We cannot allow them to spread into Cheydinhal."

What can you tell me about the Shadowed Path? "Very little, I'm afraid. They're a cult of evil mages, with thugs and cutthroats for guards. This particular circle, up at the old Juncus estate, specializes in fire-based magics. That they draw their power from Daedric stones makes me nervous."
When did they take over the estate? "Months ago. I don't know, really. The Juncus family always kept to itself, and the cult might have been killing everyone who came near for months until someone finally made it into town to warn us."
Why not attack in force, wipe them out? "I'd like to, but Sylvian won't hear of it. He wants us to concentrate on driving the Imperials out of Cheydinhal, not on threats beyond the town walls."
And Sylvian commands the rebels? "Ha! He likes to think so. But we're joint commanders; both need to agree to any big attacks. It works well in theory, but we get on each others' nerves a lot. Sometimes I'd like to stab him. Other times, I'd really like to stab him."

After defeating the Shadowed Path:

"The stones-have they been destroyed."

I destroyed the ones I found. "They'll build more, but you've slowed them down. The Shadowed Path will be a problem as long as this civil war lasts. After that, they're my next target. You've earned this reward."
Show: Thorns in Our Side
In Cheydinhal:

"We're hanging by a thread here. One more setback and we've lost this war."

Tell me how I can help. "When Cheydinhal erupted in warfare, a group of bandits known as The Thorns made off with all our valuables. If we had the items back, we could trade them for supplies and equipment that we desperately need."
You want me to go get them? "Please! I can't spare any troops from town, so I hope you're willing to help. Thorn Lodge is to the northwest. Bring back any valuables you find and I'll split the profits with you."
I'm on my way.

After obtaining the jewelry:

"Did you find Thorn Lodge?"

Yes, and I brought back some of your valuables. "Excellent! These should help fund us for a few more days, at least. Here's your share."

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