"I'm Walks-Softly, and we're currently fleeing the Iron Wheel. We can talk about the details once we've actually fled. Oh. What are your thoughts on spiders?"

Walks-Softly (often nicknamed Walks) is an Argonian member of the Thieves Guild residing in the Thieves Den in the city of Abah's Landing.

Background[edit | edit source]

"I was a slave? No, I don't think either of us knew what that meant. Not back then, when we were just children. I suppose, deep down, I knew it all along. Why I am ran away instead of going with Anais to Black Marsh."
―Walks on his childhood with Anais[src]

Walks-Softly does not remember his Argonian family, and never asked about them. Anais Velmont said her father saved Walks from a horrible fate, though never went into detail. Walks was brought into the Velmont Family as a slave at a very young age. He and Anais Velmont grew up side-by-side, and as such were very close. Walks-Softly considered him and Anais as best friends, though Anais viewed him as property.[1]

When Walks was in his teens, the Velmont Family went on an extended trip to Black Marsh. Anais invited Walks to come with them, though he refused, preferring to instead remain in Abah's Landing.[1] In time Walks went to the streets, becoming a guttersnipe who posed as "a beggar, a merchant, and a fire juggler, depending on the day of the week" for coin and food. Bright Ilmund, the leader Thieves Guild, would sometimes beat and shake down Walks-Softly. Zeira, a member of the Guild, would often come to Walks seeking information he'd witnessed, and would pay him more coin than average, occasionally giving him food.[2]

When Zeira learned that Walks would pose as different roles for money, she was not ashamed, but instead impressed, offering him a place in the Guild. He initially refused, and Zeira did not push him to accept. After Nicolas became the Guildmaster at around 2E 556, Walks learned that the rules of the group had changed and now prohibited harming beggars. Walks changed his mind, and told Zeira that he now wished to join the Guild.[2]

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Main Quest[edit | edit source]

Partners in Crime[edit | edit source]

Walks-Softly will meet you in the catacombs beneath Fulstrom Homestead, and free you from the jail cell if you chose to surrender. He and Quen will then have the following conversation:

Quenneth: "Who are you?"
Walks-Softly: "You don't know me yet, but I'm a friend. Quen, isn't it? Put on this uniform and head outside. The Iron Wheel won't detain a Windhelm Guard."
Quen: "There's no way I'm leaving here without my partner."
Walks: "I only had one uniform. Go on, recover your boat and meet us by the catacomb exit. Then we can return to the Thieves Guild in Abah's Landing."
Quen: "You're from the Thieves Guild? I... all right, I'll meet you both by the exit. Good luck, partner."
Walks: "She'll be fine. Looks like we take the dangerous way around."

Carrying a torch, he will help you traverse the area, and fight any enemies provoked. After defeating Crypt Dweller Drusilla, Walks will go up the staircase, and meet you at a boat outside the Homestead.

After taking the boat to Abah's Landing, Walks-Softly will be speaking to Quen:

Walks-Softly: "When you're up to it, we'll head to the Thieves Den. It's in an old cistern."
Quen: "A cistern? Wonderful. I'm to be surrounded by water, everywhere I go."

Shell Game[edit | edit source]

Wanting to get rid of his past and make sure Anais Velmont, his former friend and adopter, forgot about him, Walks asks you infiltrate Velmont Mansion and steal the trinkets and tokens of their childhood memories.

Everyone Has A Price[edit | edit source]

Walks-Softly comes up with a plan to teach Anais Velmont a lesson.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Player conversations[edit | edit source]

Show: Partners in Crime

"Didn't realize there were two of you. Next time the Iron Wheel springs a trap, I'll bring another uniform."

Who are you? What's going on? "I'm Walks-Softly, and we're currently fleeing the Iron Wheel. We can talk about the details once we've actually fled. Oh. What are your thoughts on spiders?"

Spiders? What do you mean? "When I was posing as one of the manor's guards, one of the actual guards mentioned these old catacombs. Said they were a "basket full of spiders." Unless that's an obscure Nord expression, I'm guessing he meant actual spiders."

You said you were from the Thieves Guild. What is that? "Nothing we should discuss right here. But I promise, as soon as we've escaped the Iron Wheel, I'll answer your questions."

After escaping the catacombs:

"Could've lived my entire life without running through a spider pit. But we made it though. You'll make a real impression in Abah's Landing."

What's in Abah's Landing? "The Thieves Guild. And any guildmaster, who can explain why the Iron Wheel thinks you deserve the same fate they've inflicted upon us. It's an unpleasant fate. It involves branding irons."

What if I don't want to go to Abah's Landing? "You are your own master. Bu the Iron Wheel is relentless, and they know your face. They know your partner's face, too. So tell me where we're all headed. I suggest Abah's Landing, as soon as you're able."
All right. Take us to Abah's Landing.
Maybe later. For now, we go back where we came from.

After arriving at Abah's Landing:

"Always a pleasant journey to Abah's Landing. Head to our Thieves Den—the guildmaster awaits. Your partner and I will be along when she's less expulsive."

Where is the Thieves Den? "Hidden within an old cistern that's long forgotten by the city's merchant lords. A new home for us, after the Iron Wheel tore apart the old one. It's a bit damp. You get used to it."

Show: Out-of-Quest Dialogue

After finishing quest "A Flawless Plan":

"Of the two of us, I'd say you're looking ... Sharper. Hmm, Velsa was right. Speaking a pun aloud has diminished me as a person."

You seem comfortable in your role in the Thieves Guild. "Thanks for noticing. I do like to put my best foot forward in everything I do. But a lot of credit goes to Zeira and the rest of our crew. A single lizard isn't enough to form a guild—even one as dapper and dashing as me!"
What do you think about Quen? "Have you seen the way Quen moves? She can get up and over a wall faster than I can fold a perfect pocket square! I have a nose for talent and Quen is the real deal. As we go about rebuilding the crew, we'd do worse that to find a few more like her."
What do you think about Zeira? "What's to think? She's our guildmaster! And she's a good friend. She stepped forward in our darkest hour and pulled the guild back from the brink of extinction. Under her leadership, I don't think there's anything we can't accomplish. I don't think."
What about Velsa? She doesn't seem to be a team player. "I never say anything hurtful about the people I know. That's just not couth. However, I would be remiss not to warn you. Try not to get on Velsa's bad side. She has a terrible temper. You really don't want to constantly check your food for poison."

Character Conversations[edit | edit source]

Stench of the Landing[edit | edit source]

Quenneth: "Why does Abah's Landing... well, I don't know how to ask this without causing offense."
Walks-Softly: "I'm rarely offended. Please, ask."
Quen: "Why does Abah's Landing stink?"
Walks: "Take any harbor town, with the normal fish stenches. Add swampland, the hot sun, and filthy pirates."
Quen: "I didn't realize pirates had a particular smell."

Walks' Hometown[edit | edit source]

Quen: "Are you from Abah's Landing?"
Walks-Softly: "I am a creature of Abah's Landing. Without this city, I would not be the person you know."
Quen: "I don't understand. Who would you be?"
Walks: "Simpler. Less certain of my purpose. And in dire need of good clothes."

Quen's Pets[edit | edit source]

Walks-Softly: "Did you ever have a pet?"
Quen: "No, I spent much of my life in the academy. They wouldn't allow it. Why do you ask?"
Walks: "Nothing, you just... remind me of someone I once knew."
Quen: "I remind you of someone who owned a pet?"
Walks: "It's the way you speak, not the words you say. No matter, you are a very different person."

Seasickness[edit | edit source]

Walks-Softly: "You don't seem to mind living here. I thought you hated water."
Quen: "No, I hate travelling by ship. I take no issue with water."
Walks: "Good! Then grab a mop and scrub algae off all the planks you can find."
Quen: "You... fine. But it's just going to grow back."
Walks: "Oh, the algae never loses. It's all about the struggle."

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "You ever notice that camel herders drive hard bargains? I always wonder if they learn such stubbornness from the camels." —During "A Flawless Plan," outside Prince's Gate

Appearances[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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