Wallows-In-Sand is an Argonian beggar that can be encountered at various locations in Alik'r Desert. The Vestige can give her money as part of the Give to the Poor achievement.


"By the Egg, I've never felt such hunger. But with no gold to buy it ...."

You're hungry? "I am. I was raised as a slave. My masters never thought to teach me how to fend for myself, so when I ran away .... I do not even know how to ask for help."
Take this gold. Use it to buy some food. [69GoldIcon] "I never thought I'd know such kindness. Thank you"
I can't help you "So says the root to the toad that licks it in the dry season. Keep your moisture. May it serve you well."

When gold was given before:

"We meet again, I'm afraid. Your gold did much to fill my belly, but the moon turns and its hollow gape wide once more."


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