"War destroys what it touches, especially a family. The High Elves of Haven see their celebration as necessity to restore the spirit and renew the hope of lost children. And they hope that one day, they will never have the need to celebrate."

War Orphan's Sojourn is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. Breda, a New Life Herald in Eastmarch, has spoken of Haven's New Life Festival custom, the War Orphan's Sojourn. Locals donate money and favors to those in need. The Vestige travels to Grahtwood to participate in the custom, and either donates money, or exterminates local Hoarvors. They may optionally do both.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Ormurrel in the Temple of the Eight in Grahtwood
  2. Donate to the Temple of the Eight in Grahtwood or kill 5 Enroaching Wildlife
  3. Return to Breda or stay and kill the encroaching wildlife that threatens the Temple of the Eight in Grahtwood.
  4. Talk to Breda


Talk to Breda to receive New Life Festival daily quests, and one of them may be the War Orphan's Sojourn. She will speak of Haven's New Life customs, that feed and help lost children. She will direct the Vestige to participate in the event. Once there, the Vestige can either pay the sum of 69 Gold to donate for the lost children, kill 5 encroaching wildlife threatening the Temple which are Hoarvors that spawn next to bodies in the marked area, or both, earning them the achievement of War Orphan's Benefactor.


  • New Life Gift Box
  • Sailor's Warning Festival Grog (possibly)
  • Leveled GoldIcon


  • Even though being mentioned by Breda to participate in this custom, Ormurrel doesn't mention Haven or its citizens, and none of them can be interacted with in this quest.


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