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War Quarters is a sub-location of Blackreach. It is a small, relatively empty area with three rooms, two of which have beds. There are two chests with leveled random loot inside, past the third door, on the balcony overlooking the entrance. There are no enemies here.

Notable itemsEdit

Two chests containing random loot on a balcony opposite the entrance.


  • There is a room containing seven miniature beds arranged in a circle. Across from them is a single large double bed. This is most likely a reference to Snow White and the Seven Dwarves from the story, Snow White.


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  • When in the vicinity of the balcony, the sound of a Dwemer spinning blade trap can be heard but no such trap can be seen. (Unconfirmed: Perhaps a glitch that only appears in certain games for whatever reason.)confirmation needed
    • Outside the War Quarters, there is a circular platform with a lever and upon pulling the lever, a spinning blade trap springs up. May be related to previously cited sounds.
  • When walking up to the door to the balcony the Dragonborn's head will not appear in the shadow.


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