"No other province suffered more during the Imperial Simulacrum than Valenwood. With the Empire unwilling to lend its assistance and defend her, the land was attacked from the east by Elsweyr and from the west by Summerset Isle, both taking sizable chunks of the Bosmeri land."
Imperial Geographic Society[src]

The War of the Blue Divide was a war fought between the Altmer of the Summerset Isles and the Bosmer of Valenwood in 3E 397.[1] The year in which it took place was also referred to as the "Black Year".[5]



In the aftermath of the Camoran Usurper, Valenwood was left a broken land. Mistrust of both the Empire and Summerset for support, as well as mistrust in its own government for guidance, the Bosmer had become isolationalist. Its people left the cities and returned to the forests, practicing their old traditions. Because of this weakness the Khajiits invaded in what is now known as the Five Year War, while the Altmer attacked during the War of the Blue Divide.[2]

The WarEdit

With the Empire unwilling to provide the Bosmer with aid from the Imperial Legion, Valenwood was left to fend for itself in two wars on two fronts.[2]

Few details are given regarding the war itself. One of the pieces of information provided is that the Altmer supported the Parikh Tribe, who rampaged through southeastern Valenwood with their aid, managing to push some of the other tribes to the north of Valenwood. The Tribe was also involved in scouting out enemy Bosmer camps.[5] Only one besieging was recorded during the war, that being the Altmeri siege on Woodhearth. The siege itself was poorly planned, however, as the Altmer decided to siege the city for as long as it took to starve its population, or force its surrender. Because of the Green Pact, however, this could have lasted until only one Bosmer remained.[6] During the war the Altmer had also destroyed many of the harbors belonging to Valenwood.[7] The war would eventually end when the Altmer and Bosmer had come to peace, with the Altmer now having gained several coastal islands from the Bosmer.[1][3]



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