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Warlock's Ring is a Mages Guild quest that can be obtained from Ajira in Balmora.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Speak with Ajira
  2. Travel to Ashirbadon
  3. Kill Vindamea Drethan and take the ring
  4. Return to Ajira

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Upon speaking with Ajira about chores, she will mention that she knows the location of the Warlock's Ring. It is held by Vindamea Drethan in Ashirbadon.

To get there, use the Mages Guild teleporter to go to Vivec City. Once there, head southeast to an island shaped like a backwards V. Once there, travel to the medium-sized island to the east that holds the ruins of Bal Fell. Travel east again to the destination.

Ashirbadon is very hard to navigate without the use of a levitation spell, so make sure to bring one. There are also various powerful daedra here, and Vindamea herself is no weakling either, so come prepared. Once you've killed Vindamea, take the ring from her body.

Upon obtaining the ring, return to Ajira to finish the quest.


Warlock's Ring – MG_WarlocksRing
IDJournal Entry
10Ajira told me that the Warlock's Ring is held by Vindamea Drethan, a sorceress in Ashirbadon, which is on an island east of the ruins of Bal Fell.
  • Quest accepted
100Ajira congratulated me on finding the Warlock's Ring.
  • Quest complete

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