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This is a list of battles, wars, disputes, and other deadly conflicts in chronological order that have occurred on Nirn.


Merethic Era

Dragon War (ME ?? – ME ??)

First Nordic-Falmer War (ME ?? – ME ??)

First Era

Akaviri Invasion of High Rock (1E ?? – 1E ??)

Second Nordic-Falmer War (1E 1391E 140)

Skyrim Conquests (1E 2401E 415)

Alessian Slave Rebellions (1E 2421E 243)

War of Succession (1E 3691E 420)

Cleansing of the High Fane (1E 393)

Alessian Campaigns (1E 4781E 482)

Rise of Daggerfall (1E 609)

  • Battle of Glenpoint [19]

War of the Crag (1E ?? – 1E 700)

War of the First Council (1E 6681E 700)

Siege of Orsinium (1E 9501E 980)

Conquest of the Reach (1E 1030)

First Altmer-Sload War (1E 1301)

Anticlere-Sensford War (1E 1427)

War of Righteousness (1E 2321)

Akaviri Invasion of Skyrim and Cyrodiil (1E 2703)

Winterhold Rebellion (1E 28041E 2805)

Conquest of Black Marsh (1E 28111E 2837)

Four Score War (1E 28401E 2920)

War of the Uvichil (1E 29111E 2917)

Second Era

Akaviri Invasion of Morrowind (2E 572)

Varen's Rebellion (2E 573)

Three Banners War (2E 580 – ??)

The Planemeld (2E 5782E 583)

Nord-Breton War (2E 852)

Conquest of Hammerfell (2E 864)

Third Era

War of the Isle

War of the Red Diamond

War of the Usurper

Invasion of Akavir

Arnesian War

War of Bend'r-Mahk

Five Year War

War for Betony

Slave War

Oblivion Crisis

Main article: Main Quest (Oblivion)

Attack on the Mages Guild

  • Attack on Bruma
  • Mages Guild Second Schism

Fourth Era

Accession War (4E 6)

The Umbriel Crisis (4E 49)

The Great War (4E 1714E 175)

First Forsworn Uprising (4E 1744E 176)

Skyrim's Civil War (4E 201)

Dragon Crisis (4E 201)

Main article: Main Quest (Skyrim)


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