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"The offshore island of Wasten Coraldale—or Coridale, as the fisher folk call it—contains a wild honeycomb of tunnels and fertile grottos where sea creatures of all sorts spawn and thrive. It's heavily fished for that reason, despite its many dangers."
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Wasten Coraldale is a delve that appears in The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset. Wasten Coraldale is located off the coast of the Isle of Summerset, and has been taken over by pirates. The only way to enter the island is via a boat at the Alinor Docks.


Lost at SeaEdit

The Vestige is tasked with finding a relative who has gone fishing and has not returned for long.

The Psijics' CallingEdit

The Augur of the Obscure is located here.

Culling SerpentsEdit

The Divine Prosecution requests that the Vestige curb the Reef Viper population in this location.

Notable itemsEdit






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