For a creature in The Elder Scrolls: Arena, see Beholder.

Watchers are floating tentacle-like Daedra. They appear as giant floating eyeballs with multiple tendrils protruding from all sides which they use for melee attacks alongside magical attacks.

Watchers are often employed to guard prisons, such as the Imperial City Prison and the Vaults of Madness. In addition to their combat abilities, some are shown to have more subtle and sinister powers. One is used by the forces of Molag Bal to induce fear and doubt in Lyris Titanborn.[1] Several are used by Vaermina to sow paranoia and discord throughout Stormhaven, in hopes of overthrowing High King Emeric and allowing the Supernal Dreamers to take over.[2]

Combat[edit | edit source]

  • Gaze – direct ranged
  • Shockwave – circle AoE, knocks back if not blocked
  • Doom-Truth's Gaze – several beams in front, stuns if hits
  • Daedric Burn [3]
  • Daedric Destruction [3]

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