"I watch the gate. Ain't much else to tell."

Watchman is an Elder gatekeeper of Castle Volkihar.


He is only seen before or during Bloodline where he stands watch over the entrance to the castle. Initially he berates the Dragonborn for approaching, but when he sees Serana, he enthusiastically opens the gate. The Watchman seemingly disappears after the first quest.


  • "Lady Serana's back! Open the gate!"
  • "Lord Harkon's a great man... Best show him the proper respect."
  • "After all these years, Lady Serana's back. Now that's something."


  • If the player comes to Castle Volkihar before the quest Bloodline, he will stand on the other side of the gate, saying nothing and no interactions can be done.
  • Oddly, he has the fastest health regeneration rate out of any NPC in the game.
  • Despite living at Castle Volkihar, the Watchman is not a vampire, rather an elderly Nord.


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