Water's Edge is a small village on the west bank of the Lower Niben Bay, and is located north of Leyawiin on the Green Road.


Three buildings dominate the settlement: Biene Amelion's House, Eduard Retiene's House, and Marie Alouette's House.


A large variety of crops grow next to Marie Alouette's house:

Another plot lies next to Eduard Retiene’s house:


Umbriel CrisisEdit

Prince Attrebus visited Water's Edge while he marched to reach Umbriel in order to convince Captain Larsus to join him. Riente, one of the Legionaries in the garrison proved to be an agent working for Hierem. Riente and other masked men tried to murder Attrebus, but he survived. Attrebus found Florius dead in his chair, with his head on the table.[1]



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