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Water Breathing is an Alteration spell that allows the target to breathe underwater for a limited duration. Argonians naturally possess this ability, making it useless for them.


Water Breathing can be added to a spell. The effect can be placed on self or on another target, which may be useful for followers who need to follow the caster to sub-aquatic locations.

Spell listEdit

Name Effect Magnitude Duration Range Area Mastery
Water Breathing Water Breathing 0 30 Self 0 Apprentice
Buoyancy Feather 5 pts
Water Breathing
0 30 Self 0 Apprentice


Enchanting an item with Water Breathing at the Arcane University costs 2,000 GoldIcon — regardless of the soul gem — used and lasts for an unlimited duration.

Enchanting a ring, hood, or cloth shoes with Water Breathing is an effective way to breath infinitely underwater. Using even a Petty Soul Gem allows for unlimited duration underwater and lightweight items such as rings and clothing are easily to carry around and switched to without becoming encumbered. A basic waterbreathing spell called "Buoyancy" is received, for free, from Deetsan during the Cheydinhal Recommendation, which is required to gain access into the Arcane University.

Pre-enchanted apparelEdit

Potion ingredientsEdit

Unless the ingredient has Water Breathing as its effect, the ingredient must be combined with related ingredients via Alchemy to make a potion with the Water Breathing effect.


Scrolls with the Water Breathing effect can be obtained as random loot. Commonly, Ayleid caskets contain randomized scrolls, which may contain this effect. Mages, conjurers, and necromancers may also carry such items.


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