"The lighthouse is mostly for show. You'd have to be an idiot to try to navigate here by night."
Velan Andus[src]

Lighthouse quote

The Waterfront Lighthouse is a location in the Waterfront region situated on a peninsula outside the Imperial City. The lighthouse is kept by Velan Andus, an Imperial commoner.


The lighthouse has three levels. In the lower section of the lighthouse is an Imperial Legion barracks, where three members of the City Watch can be found eating or sleeping. The entrance hall of the lighthouse holds several crates containing random loot. There is a trapdoor, leading to the barracks and a ladder leading to the top section of the lighthouse. The top section, Velan Andus' private quarters, holds multiple crates and sacks containing random loot. In the corner stands a small wooden table with a candle, some cups, several plates and two apples.


  • According to the lighthouse keeper, Velan Andus, the lighthouse seems to serve no actual purpose.



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