The Wawnet Inn is a small one-story tavern located in Weye. The tavern is located at the western end of the Imperial City Bridge. The tavern is owned by an Altmer wine collector named Nerussa.

The rental beds are located on the first floor; a room rents for 10Gold. The ground floor consists of a few tables, and the bar itself. There is a bed in the basement, yet this is not the one Nerussa sleeps in, instead she sleeps on a bedroll in the bar.

Quests[edit | edit source]

A Venerable Vintage[edit | edit source]

Received from Neurussa by talking about the "wine" topic with her. She asks the Hero to acquire six bottles of Shadowbanish wine for her. After the quest is complete, Nerussa will buy any additional bottles for 100 Gold.

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