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"Ancient Wayshrines of the Nine are scattered through the wilderness. The righteous who pray there receive powerful divine blessings."

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A wayshrine is a shrine to one of the Nine Divines, which bestows a blessing when used. These shrines to the Nine Gods are scattered throughout the land; look for open stone circles surrounded by pillars. If the Hero is worthy and prays at them, they will receive a blessing.

The blessing depends on the wayshrine, generally fortifying the attribute most closely related to the Divine which the shrine honors. Once a Wayshrine of a Divine has been activated at least once, the Hero can receive that Divine's blessing at any chapel in Cyrodiil (by visiting the mini-altar under the Divine's image in the temple).

The fame required to activate a Wayshrine is dependent on the last time the Hero used one for that Divine; if their fame is greater than what it was the last time they activated one of the Divine's Wayshrines, they will receive the blessing. The Fame counter is separate for each Divine, so after the Hero activates the Wayshrine for one Divine, they can still use the shrines for other Divines without having to raise their fame, though they will still have to raise it to use another Wayshrine for that Divine. The minimum required fame to activate a Wayshrine is one.

Each Divine has at least two and five at the most wayshrines scattered throughout Cyrodiil, that's a total of twenty-five wayshrines. Once the Hero has visited at least one shrine for each Divine, they will receive the Greater Power Pilgrim's Grace, which fortifies all attributes by 10 for 300 seconds when cast. It will also reset the Infamy to zero.


Wayshrine of AkatoshEdit

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Wayshrine of KynarethEdit

  • East of Skingrad, northeast of Bloodcrust Cavern, due south of Derelict Mine. Note that an oblivion Gate might spawn on top of it, but one can still use it after the gate is closed by activating the remains of the altar sticking up from the ground.
  • South of the Deserted Mine.

Wayshrine of MaraEdit

Wayshrine of StendarrEdit

Wayshrine of TalosEdit

Wayshrine of ZenitharEdit

Activating the wayshrines of all Nine Divines grants the Pilgrim's Grace Greater Power. It also changes infamy to zero which allows the Hero to be pure enough to do the "Holy Crusader" quest.

Pilgrimage questEdit

During the Pilgrimage quest from the Knights of the Nine plug-in, the Prophet's map indicates one location for each shrine; the Hero does not have to visit that specific location to complete the quest, any of the wayshrines for each god is acceptable. The map is not an accurate representation for the locations of the shrines, but is more of a guide to help the Hero find them.

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