Wayward Pass is a path in between two mountains southwest of Winterhold and southeast of Dawnstar and directly south of Alftand. There is a shrine of Arkay here as well as one of his amulets and iron armor. The unique Ancient Traveler's Skull can also be found here.

About one fourth of the way down, you can observe that a book is floating in thin air, and can be knocked down by a shout or an arrow. It is not known if this is a mapper's mistake, or an easter egg.


When attempting to become Thane of Eastmarch, one of the quests to assist the people of Eastmarch includes bringing an Amulet of Arkay to Torbjorn to show his wife in the hope that she will realize that their deceased daughter is with Arkay.

Wayward Pass is perhaps the easiest location to obtain an Amulet of Arkay, especially if you've completed Discerning the Transmundane and/or Elder Knowledge and can Fast Travel to Alftand.


  • According to the Creation Kit, a ghostly Nord bandit called Spirit of the Ancient Traveler was to appear in this location, but this did not make it into the final game.


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