For other uses, see Weakness.

Weakness is a Destruction spell that decreases the target's resistance (by percentage) to Fire, Frost, Shock, Magicka (non-elemental), normal weapons (non-enchanted), Disease, and Poison. Weakness to normal weapons and disease cannot be gained through spells, but only items such as Staves.



Weakness to poison is useful over 1 second on weapons that are meant for being poisoned (similarly to drain health). Poisons can also be put on hotkey.

Spell listEdit

Name Magnitude Duration Range Area Mastery
Weakness to Fire 25 30 Target 0 Apprentice
Weakness to Frost 25 30 Target 0 Apprentice
Weakness to Magicka 25 30 Target 0 Journeyman
Weakness to Poison 25 30 Target 0 Apprentice
Weakness to Shock 25 30 Target 0 Apprentice


  • "Weakness to" can only be effective in custom spells when put at the end of a spell. If put at the beginning, it will cancel out. The spell has to be used two times for weakness to noticeably affect the enemy.


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