Not to be confused with Wavering Veil.

Wearing the Veil is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. Pass the three trials of intelligence, endurance and strength to become a member of the Veiled Heritance.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Ohmonir
  2. Select your answer (2)
  3. Talk to Varustante
  4. Complete the race
  5. Talk to Alandare
  6. Defeat the other initiates
  7. Talk to Alandare


Ohmonir's Riddles:

  • "Two bodies have I, two joined into one. The more I stand still the faster I run. I flip on my head, some watch me with dread. What am I?" (An Hourglass)
  • "I'm always smiling, but I never laugh. I once loved life, from cat to calf. I'm always staring, but I cannot see. I once held secrets, those given to me. What am I?" (A Skull)
  • "Friend to soldiers, guardsmen, and mercs. Scarred from battle, unbowed by hurt. I always face forward when battle is joined. when on the march, I watch from behind. What am I?" (A shield)
  • "My life is measured in hours, I serve by being devoured. Thin, I am quick. Fat, I am slow. What am I?" (A Candle)
  • "When young, I'm sweet in the sun. When middle-aged, I'm the life of the party. When old, I'm worth my weight in gold. When I'm gone, everyone laments my absence. What am I?" (Wine)
  • "I say much, but you cannot hear me. I open, but you cannot walk through me. I have a spine, but no bones. I shouldn't be judged by my face. What am I?" (Book)
  • "I attend every battle. I attend every duel. My tooth is sharp, My swing is cruel. What am I?" (Sword)


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