"I gained access to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary and met the Matron of this chapter, Astara Caerellius. She welcomed me into the family and suggested I meet the rest of my brothers and sisters in the guild."

Quick Walkthrough

Detailed Walkthrough

After reporting to Astara she tells the Vestige to introduce themself to the other members, then pick up a contract with Elam Drals.

Talk to Tanek first, as he is sitting nearby, he will remark that he doesn't expect the Vestige to survive very long and thus he will be referring to them as simply "New-blade". He also mentions the rules and tells them to find the book The Five Tenets, read them and obey them.

Kor and Hildegard are in the canteen to the east. Kor is by the cage, but Hildegard doesn't appear to be around. Talk to Kor and he will inform the Vestige that the werewolf in the cage is in fact Hildegard. Kor is very welcoming, and explains how he found Hildegard and took her in. He is reluctant to explain how they came to join the Brotherhood, but it is apparent he cares deeply for Hildegard and will protect her at all costs.

Mirabelle Motierre, Cimbar, and Green-Venom-Tongue are in the sleeping quarters to the north. Cimbar and Mirabelle are lovers, but while Cimbar appears jealous and warns the vestige off, Mirabelle is an outrageous flirt, thinking openly of ways to make Cimbar jealous, even suggesting she should nibble their ear. She readily explains the circumstances of her joining the Brotherhood, and answers the Vestige,s questions on different aspects of the Brotherhood, though she is reluctant to talk about the recent murders of Brotherhood members.

Green-Venom-Tongue constantly takes notes in his journals. He explains how he got his name when, in an attempt to bolster his natural immunities, he drank too much poison and his tongue turned green. He also talks of the Five Tenets and tells the Vestige to find the book and study it.

Elam Drals is the overseer of mundane contracts. He can be found in a sideroom by the entrance to the sanctuary. He has an extremely dry sense of humor and a light-hearted outlook on life. He explains his role in handing out contracts, and how successfully completing them is how to earn the trust of Astara to take on more complicated contracts. He will also give the Vestige their first contract and explain that he picked something special for their first.


  • 150 Gold
  • Unlocks Marked for Death contracts

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