Welkynd Stone

A Welkynd stone, as it appears in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Welkynd Stones, also known as sky stones or heaven stones, and literally sky child in Aldmeris,[1] are magical devices with appearance of bluish, glowing stones. Welkynd stones were invented by ancient Ayleids, and their production involved enchanting pieces of either meteoric glass[1] or artificial material, made by replicating meteoric glass.[2]

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The Welkynd stones served as devices for harnessing and storing magicka from Aetherius through stars, which could be then used for replenishing magicka reserves of their users.[2] With proper knowledge, Welkynd stones could be recharged. Some scholars suggest Great Welkynd Stones were used for passing magical energy from Aetherius to regular stones within same Ayleid settlement.[1]

After the fall of Ayleid civilization

After the fall of Ayleids, the ways of production and proper use of Ayleid stones, together with methods of replicating meteoric glass were gradually lost.[1][2] The remaining stones could be still found inside remains of their cities hundreds of years after, at least up to the end of Third Era.[3] Although they could be still used for restoring magicka, they would just crumble to dust after usage due to improper use.[1]

There were many attempts to recreate Welkynd stones throughout the history, of which most ended in destruction of these rare artifacts. However, Altmer managed to create devices very similar to Welkynd and Varla stones, Malondo and Culanda Stones.[2]

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