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Welkynd Stones are bluish-white, glowing, magical stones with a metal inlay at their base. Created by ancient Ayleids, these items can recharge Magicka if it is selected in the inventory. They are one-time use items (like Varla Stones).

These stones are commonly found in Ayleid Ruins, where they can be found on the floor, or on top of various pedestals from which they can be grabbed, dislodged with a spell or arrow, or telekinesis. Note that Welkynd Stones do not respawn after three days, unlike other items.


There are 659 guaranteed with a possible 15 more from Vahtacen.

Ayleid ruins

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Ayleid Ruin Number
Anutwyll 3
Atatar 1
Bawn 17
Belda 26
Beldaburo 27
Ceyatatar 5
Elenglynn 12
Fanacasecul 10
Garla Agea 4
Hame 24
Hrotanda Vale 26
Kemen 5
Lindai 15
Lipsand Tarn 19
Mackamentain 5
Malada 6
Miscarcand 18
Morahame 8
Moranda 16
Nagastani 21
Narfinsel 12
Nenalata 13
Niryastare 4
Nonungalo 19
Nornal 14
Nornalhorst 34
Ondo 22
Piukanda 39
Rielle 16
Sardavar Leed 16
Sedor 4
Sercen 10
Silorn 8
Talwinque 10
Telepe 1
Trumbe 12
Vahtacen 0–15 (random loot)
Varondo 29
Veyond 2
Vilverin 20
Vindasel 9
Welke 7
Wendelbek 58
Wendir 25
Wenyandawik 24

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