Wendir is a small Ayleid Ruin located southwest of Chorrol and directly west of Fort Carmala.


This two-level Ayleid ruin has the usual tricky layout as many of the ruins have. Some areas on the first level one have to go through level two to reach.

One of the large areas has an Ayleid cask in the middle and as one approaches it, walls open and skeletons appear. The center of the area also have three crushing spike traps.



  • Wendir
  • Wendir, Nagasel / Hall of Death

Notable itemsEdit




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  •  PS3   The tower at the far southwest of the ruin appears normal, but upon stepping onto the center, circular portion of the floor, it will not be solid, allowing the Hero to fall through into the center of the tower circle and be unable to get out.
  •  PS3   Upon locating the ruins, the map marker may not always appear.


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