Not to be confused with Werebear.

Wereboar is a type of Lycanthrope who has been infected with Lycanthropy from another Wereboar. They can attack with their arms and teeth and require silver weapons or better quality to be effectively damaged. They are found in High Rock and Hammerfell.[1]

The Hero can become one if infected by another wereboar during combat. They only appear in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. A person transforms into a wereboar every full moon and must quench their thirst for blood by killing or they will suffer a massive reduction in hitpoints. During this phase the player cannot equip anything or pick anything up, and nobody will talk to them.

Becoming a WereboarEdit

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  • The Hero can actually be inflicted with Lycanthropy, and become a Wereboar. If they do not murder/kill twice a month, as is the requirement, they will suffer a reduction in hit points, such as "4/4."
  • This strain of Lycanthropy appears to be unique to the northwestern parts of Tamriel.



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