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Werewolf Vargar are feral Werewolves. They can be encountered as random encounters in Silver Hand bases from level 38 and upward.

They will attack the Dragonborn and any followers on sight even if they are in Beast Form. This is believed to be because they are feral and have lost control over themselves.



  • During The Companions quest "The Silver Hand," Aela the Huntress can be heard, remarking on how there are other werewolves out there besides the Companions and that they are beyond help and have lost control. The Silver Hand have locked up several of these Werewolves at Gallows Rock.
  • During the first quest with the Silver Hand, the corpses of two werewolves can be found one in a room near where two Silver Hand members are by a fire and the second near the corpse of Skjor on a table.
  • In the Old Norse texts, a vargr or in plural vargar refers to evil wolf-like monsters, such as Fenrir, Sköll, and Hati.


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