Wert was an Skraw working in Umbriel's sump. After Mere-Glim's arrival to Umbriel, Wert became a close friend of his.


As an Umbrielian, Wert had the body of a Breton. He had a noticeable yellowish cast to his skin and eyes. He had a long, doleful face and red hair.[1]


One of the first skraws Mere-Glim met at the sump was Wert. Wert asked Mere-Glim if he was from outside of Umbriel, since he didn't need to breath the vapors to breath underwater. He also explained to Glim that the cavity at the bottom of the sump lead to the Ingenium. He was responsible to teach the Argonian how they worked in the sump, taking care of growing Umbrielians. A Sheartooth attacked Mere-Glim while he was learning how the Umbrielians grew from some protoforms. Wert was severely wounded, and Glim had to pull him out of the water to save his life.

Wert explained to Glim that taking the vapors severely damaged their health. When Glim stood up to their overseer, the skraws were convinced that he could change their lifestyle. Glim organised a secret rebellion with the skraws in order to sabotage Umbriel, convincing them that the lords would then hear their petitions. The skraws made maps of the pipelines that connected the different parts of Umbriel. Wert was caught red handed sabotaging Toel's kitchen. Fortunately, Mere-Glim was around to killing Toel and his assistants.[2]

When the lords discovered the skraws were the responsibles for Umbriel's malfunctioning, they sent guards to kill Mere-Glim. Wert convinced the Argonian to jump into the water and scape.[3]

Once Prince Attrebus and Sul arrived at Umbriel, he was one of surviving skraws who helped them arrive to the ingenium.[4]



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