Run by Erina Jeranus, the West Weald Inn is an inn located just north of the west gate of Skingrad. In the basement of this inn is Sinderion's Cellar.


Seeking Your RootsEdit

Sinderion, the only alchemist in Cyrodiil who is able to find more uses for the relatively unknown Nirnroot plant, resides beneath the inn, in his cellar.

Unfinished BusinessEdit

Maglir of the Fighters Guild has taken too long to complete his assignment, and so the Hero must talk to him at the West Weald Inn to find out why.

A Matter of HonorEdit

Alval Uvani may be found here, depending on his travelling schedule.


  • Renting a room for one night costs 20 GoldIcon.
  • The inkeeper, Erina Jeranus, offers a few ingredients and potions for sale.



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