"Comply with the instructions of my officers and you will be treated fairly, we have no wish to harm you and look forward to the day where we are all equals. But do not doubt our resolve, we are commited and we are not going anywhere."
―General Lavinia in Arenthia[src]
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The West Weald Legion, also known as The Legion of the West Weald,[1] is an Imperial Legion that appears in The Elder Scrolls Online. Their commander is General Lavinia.[1]

About the Legion[edit | edit source]

The West Weald Legion was tasked by the Elder Council and the Count of Skingrad to conqeur the territory known as the Arenthian Vale, which is located south of the River Strid.[1] However, not all of the soldiers saw the conquest as worthy, or possible, under the General's leadership. They thought that the Legion would be unable to hold the territory they had won, so they deserted and were planning to pillage the land when things would quiet down.[2] One of their armies got sent to Fort Grimwatch,[3] however, this army is not seen.

In Arenthia[edit | edit source]

With the use of magic, General Lavinia spread the message around Arenthia that they weren't there to harm them.[4] Some of the town's population had no issue with the Legion taking over the town, as they just wanted peace, regardless of who ruled over the city,[5] though some found the use of projections strange.[6] After the fall of the city, the Legion started taking stock of what they managed to recover from the city in terms of materials.[7] However, spy work done by Cariel showed that the Elder Council never ordered an invasion, and that the invasion was prompted by the Stonefire Cult, who followed the words of Javad Tharn.[8] The Arenthian Resistance used this information to inform the Colovians that their leader was in league with a Daedric Prince, because of the Colovian's high faith in the Divines. Shortly after the truth was leaked through the use of Centurion Gavo, the majority of the Colovians went back to Cyrodiil,[9] with only the General's loyalist core remaining, the Arenthian Resistane fought back and reclaimed Arenthia.[10]

In Vinedusk Village[edit | edit source]

Vinedusk Village was being invaded by elite Colovian forces, specifically, the Vlastarus Cohort, which split off from the main army assaulting Arenthia to attack Vinedusk Village.[11] This was possible due to the Vinedusk Rangers being spread thin across the Dominion and into Cyrodiil.[12] The Rangers were using two methods of counterattacks, burning the Colovians away from the Village, and then taking them by surprise in their camp.[12] The burning of the village took out a significant portion of the Colovian forces, and bought the Rangers some time to plan their next attack.[12]

At the Colovian Camp[edit | edit source]

In the Ayleid tunnels beneath Vinedusk Village, the Colovian Force which had been attacking Vinedusk Village stored their supplies. However, they did not know about the secret tunnels of the Vinedusk Rangers,[12] which got used to attack the Colovians from the middle of the camp.[13] Upon leaving the ruins, the Rangers caused chaos in the camp. Following this, the Colovian Command, consisting of Colonel Festius, Crispus and Sabina was killed and the Colovians at Senalana were defeated.[14]

In Senalana[edit | edit source]

The forces stationed at Arenthia dispatched a Legion force to go to the Ayleid ruins of Senalana.[3][15] They were sent there to obtain the Grand Circlet of Elven Authority, which would have allowed them to take down the Dominion, piece by piece.[15] However, Dominion scouts were spread throughout the Northern Wood and the Dominion was able to respond right away.[3] The Colovians used ancient defense systems of the Ayleids, by pulling out Welkynd Stones from their pedestals, a natural ward appeared in front of the back entrance, which made it impossible for Dominion troops to enter and for Razum-dar to leave.[16] Upon taking the Circlet, the ruins started to collapse and the Colovians lost their goal of achieving the circlet.[17]

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