Not to be confused with Weynon House or Weynon Stones.

Weynon Priory is an abbey located beyond the city walls of Chorrol, within the province of Cyrodiil. The Priory is the home of the Order of Talos, a religious group that worships Talos, consisting of retired members of the Blades.

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Weynon Priory is situated along the Black Road, that runs between the Red Ring Road and the city-state of Chorrol. The settlement serves as the point that connects the Black Road, with the Orange Road that runs between Chorrol and Bruma. Weynon Priory is a typical Imperial priory, with a large building called Weynon House, which serves as the residency for the priest, a farm and stable controlled by a herder, and the Weynon Priory chapel, the place of worship in the settlement. In earlier years, Weynon Priory had small walls and a fountain in the middle, but these were lost to time.[source?]


Second EraEdit

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During the Interregnum in 2E 582, the region of Central Cyrodiil was engulfed in war as the Alliance War ravaged the entire land. Weynon Priory was neutral in the conflict, but it was located in what was considered territory of the Daggerfall Covenant. At this point, Weynon Priory was an abbey dedicated to Akatosh, the chief deity of the Divines. With the city-state of Chorrol in utter ruin, the Priory was a noteworthy target by the alliances. During the conflict, the Priory would be attacked by passing bandits and even vampires, resulting in numbers dwindling. Passing travelers aided a local priest, Mael, by burning dead friends at the ruins of Lipsand Tarn and even face enemies such as the Shadowed Path and the Black Daggers.[1]

Third EraEdit

During the Oblivion Crisis in 3E 433, the Weynon Priory had been a temple to Talos, ever since the Emperor's rise to power. At this point in time, the Grandmaster of the Blades, Jauffre had taken residence in the Priory, after serving Uriel Septim VII for many years. When the Emperor was assassinated by the Mythic Dawn, a prisoner traveled to the Priory with the Amulet of Kings to tell Jauffre the news. Jauffre then sends the prisoner to the city-state of Kvatch, where the heir was said to be located. When the prisoner, now known throughout the realm as the Hero of Kvatch, returns to the priory, they find that it has been ransacked by the Mythic Dawn who sought to take the life of Jauffre and prevent any more advancements. After eliminating the remaining Mythic Dawn agents, Jauffre, Martin and the Hero then depart for the Cloud Ruler Temple in the Jerall Mountains.[2][3][4]




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