Weynon Priory is a chapel and settlement southeast of Chorrol. At the settlement there is a priory that has got an altar from which the player can use to receive blessings. Secret blademaster of the Blades Jauffre, together with two other monks; Prior Maborel and Brother Piner, resides in the Weynon House, while Shepherd Eronor lives in the lodge. During the day, Primor Maborel and Brother Piner can be seen walking around the area. Eronor tends to take care of the horses at the animal stall.

After starting the Main Quest, you can talk to Eronor, and he will offer you any of the Weynon Priory's horses in the stables. They aren't fast horses, but they are a good way to travel in the beginning.

Quest related information

The settlement plays a role in the main quest as the location of Jauffre. The player is sent there by Emperor Uriel Septim VII, to deliver the Amulet of Kings to Jauffre, right before he is assassinated by the Order of the Mythic Dawn.

After the quest Weynon Priory, and the death of Prior Maborel, Jauffre moves to Cloud Ruler Temple, although Brother Piner and Eronor will still reside in Weynon Priory and continue doing their everyday chores.



Weynon Priory aerial

Aerial shot of Weynon Priory.

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