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Weynon Priory is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. After the gate to Oblivion in Kvatch has been closed, the Hero must take Brother Martin to Weynon Priory just southeast of Chorrol.


When reaching the priory, the party will be confronted by Mythic Dawn agents. Fight them and then go to the Chapel at the right to find Jauffre fighting against three more Mythic Dawn attackers.

After the fight, Jauffre wants to check if the Amulet of Kings is still where he hid it, so follow him into the building only to discover that it's gone and that it needs to be recovered.

Jauffre suggests bringing Martin to Cloud Ruler Temple northwest of Bruma. Head there and ten Blades will welcome the Hero and the heir. They will declare him Emperor and Martin will give a short speech. He will then discuss Daedric magic and the importance of the Amulet of Kings.

Talk to Jauffre and he will offer the opportunity to join the Blades. Joining the Blades allows free access to a multitude of books, armor, weapons and gold in the temple, as well as plenty of places to sleep.

Jauffre will then give the next quest, The Path of Dawn, and will send the Hero to Baurus located in Imperial City to see if he has uncovered any knowledge regarding the Emperor's assassination.


Weynon Priory – MQ04
IDJournal Entry
5Starts attack on Weynon Priory, and Prior Maborel is killed.
7Player approaches Weynon Priory and triggers attack.
10Weynon Priory is under attack! I must find and protect Jauffre, but make sure that Martin remains safe from the enemy as well.
15Player speaks to Brother Piner.
20If the player has found the secret room: I found Jauffre. The attackers have stolen the Amulet of Kings from its hiding place in Weynon House. At least Martin is safe.
If the player has not found the secret room: I found Jauffre. He believes the attackers may have taken the Amulet of Kings from its hiding place in Weynon House. I should go and see if it is still safe.
25If the player has found the secret room: The enemy has stolen the Amulet of Kings from its hiding place in Weynon Priory. I should let Jauffre know at once.
27Jauffre reaches the secret room.
30We agreed that we must find someplace safe to take Martin. Jauffre suggested Cloud Ruler Temple, the hidden Blades fortress near Bruma. I should escort Martin and Jauffre there immediately.
35Player arrives at Cloud Ruler Temple.
36Conversation with Cyrus ends.
40Martin moves to Cloud Ruler Temple courtyard.
41Martin reaches position in front of the Blades at Cloud Ruler Temple.
42Blades hail Martin as Emperor.
43Martin gives speech.
44Jauffre dismisses the Blades.
45Martin speaks to player.
50I brought Martin and Jauffre safely to Cloud Ruler Temple.
  • Quest complete


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  • Sometimes Jauffre will not ask the Hero of Kvatch to join the Blades, and there will be no chance for the Hero to become a Blade.
  • Jauffre's Horse is slower than the Hero's or than Prior Maborel's Paint Horse, which will sometimes result in Jauffre disappearing from behind them, when escorting Martin to the Cloud Ruler Temple. Loading an older save will fix this or going back to the point where Jauffre disappeared.
  • When Escorting Martin to the Cloud Ruler Temple, the Hero will see encounters of wolves, bandits, etc. After dealing with the randomly encountered enemies, Jauffre may not mount his horse again. This can be fixed by starting a dialogue with him, exiting the dialogue, and continuing to ride towards Bruma while making sure that he starts following the Hero again.

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