What Waits Beneath is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. The Vestige caught up with Darj the Hunter near Skyshroud Barrow. Skeletons attacked and wounded him before he could find a way to get its door open.

Darj believes the ancient dragon priest that once tended this shrine might be able to tell us how to get inside it. The Vestige should use the shrine to summon his spirit.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Summon the Dragon Priest

Part 2Edit

  1. Collect the Whale Runestone
  2. Collect the Snake Runestone
  3. Collect the Eagle Runestone

Part 3Edit

  1. Enter the Skyshroud Barrow
  2. Place the Eagle Runestone
  3. Place the Whale Runestone
  4. Place the Snake Runestone

Part 4Edit

  1. Sanctify the Priest's Body
  2. Search for evidence
  3. Leave the barrow
  4. Talk to Darg


After talking to Darj, head to the compass quest marker and light the brazier to summon the Dragon Priest (Haldriin). Next, collect the three runestones which are guarded by slightly tougher mobs. Once all the runestones are collected, you will place them at their altars by the entrance to the Skyshroud Barrow.

Enter and then talk to Haldriin. He will order that the necromancer defiling him be killed. Note: there is a bookcase with a destruction point nearby. Enter the large chamber and kill the Necromancer. He will summon minions so be quick. The proof needed is located in the form of a scroll on the table in the southeast corner of the chamber.

Leave the barrow and talk to Darj, who will now appear by the entrance.


  • 73–302 GoldIcon


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