When the Vow Breaks is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Maeva's once-good but now no-good husband Bjalfi has run off to be a bandit and taken Rockshatter; she would like it back.


If one goes to the fort first, the quest is started by picking up the weapon. If talking to Maeva she will tell the Hero where to find her husband, who last seen heading to Fort Strand, east of Anvil.

Head over to the fort and go inside after defeating a few bandits outside. When inside, follow the marker and dispose of any bandits on the way. Bjalfi will be in the second level and there are two ways into the room where he is. Going through the nearest door one will come to a room with a bridge, be careful as it will fall when walked on. Be aware of all the other traps placed about the fort.

In the room he is in, one will also find his Dog companion and a Marauder Archer. Attack and defeat him and take the mace from him. He can be hard to fight at a lower level.

Head back to Maeva and she will be very pleased to have her Rockshatter back. She will reward the Hero with her dowry, level based.


Journal Entry
  • Update: Upon receiving the quest:

I've been asked by Maeva the Buxom at Whitmond Farm outside Anvil to help her recover a family heirloom her husband stole when he left her. The mace is named Rockshatter. Her husband Bjalfi the Contemplible, was last seen heading for the ruins of Fort Strand to join the Marauder Gang there.

  • Update: Upon entering Fort Strand:

I've found Bjalfi the Contemplible inside Fort Strand, with Rockshatter still in his possession. I should take the weapon back to Maeva and tell her of her late husband's fate.

  • Update: Upon returning to Maeva at Whitmond Farm:

I've returned Rockshatter to Maeva. She was pleased and rewarded me with a small parcel of gold.

  • Quest complete

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