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Where Spirits Have Lease is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.


Rumor in Anvil has it that Velwyn Benirus is selling Benirus Manor for 5,000 Gold.


Find Velwyn at the The Count's Arms and give him 5000 septims to buy the manor. He will then give the Hero the manor deed and the key to the front door. When they first sleep in the manor, they will be visited by three Benirus Manor Ghosts, so it's advised to bring a silver or a better weapon to kill them easier.

Benirus Manor Ghosts

After dealing with the ghosts there is a crash downstairs, head to the first floor and on the floor is a broken vase, a piece of paper entitled Scrap from Lorgren's Diary, and a Skeletal Hand all surrounded by a green Glow. Pick up both of these items as they are necessary for the quest later.

Reading the paper reveals the house is cursed and haunted. They'll need to talk to Velwyn again, but he has left Anvil. Don't forget to bring along the piece of diary when meeting up with Velywn as he will not offer to come back with them otherwise.

Finding Velwyn[]

"As soon as you bought the place, he pretty much up and left. I hear tell he's making his way to the Imperial City."
―People in the Count's Arms after asking about Velwyn Benirus[src]

Talk to people in The Count's Arms and the Hero will learn that he went to the Imperial City. Head to Imperial City and ask around for Velwyn and people will say that he's staying at The King and Queen Tavern in the Elven Gardens District.

Talk to Velwyn again and he'll say that his grandfather was a necromancer who mysteriously disappeared when the Mages Guild was fed up with his necromancy, and ended his life. He will then agree to go back to Anvil to help lift the curse, but his disposition with the Hero must be at least 60 or he will simply say, "Sorry, but how is that my problem?".


Velwyn opens the secret door

Return to Anvil, meet Velwyn at The Count's Arms, and follow him to Benirus Manor. Once inside, there are more Benirus Manor Ghosts. The Hero can ignore them and head downstairs into the basement. Follow Velwyn to the Sealed Portal and he will open it, but afterwards he will run away, leaving the Hero there. This causes all of the ghosts to disappear, but only happens if the portal is opened.

Once inside, the Hero must activate Lorgren's Altar to proceed. Lorgren will speak and says he wishes to make peace with the Nine. In order to do so, the Hero must bring back his hand and activate his skeleton.

Lorgren Benirus has risen.

Lorgren will then say how easy it was to trick the Hero and will arise from the dead as a Lich. Kill him and the curse will be lifted. The furniture and decorations in the house will be restored and the lighting returned to normal. The hero can pick up both Lorgren's staff and the book Tome of Unlife to sell or keep.

Return to Velwyn at The Count's Arms for completion of the quest.


Journal Entry
  • Update: Upon receiving the quest:

I've overheard a rumor that Velwyn Benirus wants to sell a manor here in Anvil, and that he's selling it cheap. I should go find him and see what he has to offer.

  • Update: After speaking to Velwyn Benirus:

I've met Velwyn Benirus. He has a manor house for sale here in Anvil. I should question him further to see how much he wants for it.

  • Update: After buying the Benirus Manor:

I've purchased the manor from Velwyn. He gave me a key and a deed of ownership. I can now move in there at any time.

  • Update: After arriving at the manor house:

I've arrived at my new house in Anvil, Benirus Manor. Looks like the place may need some work, but it was a great deal I just couldn't pass up. I can now make myself at home.

  • Update: After sleeping in the manor:

Benirus Manor is haunted! I was awakened by ghosts that attacked me as I slept. As I awoke, I thought I heard a crash from downstairs. I should search the house and investigate.

  • Update: After going downstairs to investigate:

I've found a skeletal hand next to a page from a diary. The diary makes mention of a secret room in the house that only a true-blooded Benirus can open. I am going to need to talk to Velwyn about this. I may have to ask around town to find out where he's gone.

  • Update: After hearing where Velwyn has gone:

I've discovered that Velwyn has left town and made his way to the Imperial City. If I am to find out why Benirus Manor is haunted, I need to find him there.

  • Update: Upon arriving in the Imperial City:

I've found Velwyn at The King and Queen Tavern in the Imperial City, I should speak to him further about the manor and the strange goings on within.

  • Update: After talking to Velwyn at The King and Queen Tavern:

After questioning Velwyn, I've learned that his grandfather dabbled in necromancy and was killed when the townspeople of Anvil found out. Strangely, the body was never recovered. Since then, the house has been cursed. I need to convince Velwyn to come back with me to Anvil and lift the curse.

  • Update: After convincing Velwyn to come back with me:

Velwyn agreed to meet me back in Anvil at The Count's Arms. I should return there as soon as possible.

  • Update: After arriving in Anvil:

I've meet Velwyn at The Count's Arms Tavern. He's agreed to escort me to the house and open the secret room.

  • Update: After arriving at the Benirus Manor:

Velwyn and I have arrived in Benirus Manor. I must proceed cautiously to the secret room's entrance and prevent any harm from befalling us if the curse is to ever be lifted from this place.

  • Update: After finding the secret door:

Velwyn and I have arrived at the secret door.

  • Update: After Velwyn has opened the door:

Velwyn successfully opened the door to the secret room, which has stopped the ghosts from attacking. He then ran off, leaving me to clean up the mess. It's up to me, and me alone to investigate what's beyond the mysterious portal.

  • Update: After finding the secret chamber:

After touching the altar, I hear the voice of Lorgren Benirus. He said he wished to atone for his past and make peace with the Nines. All he wished was to be whole again. This must be the way to lift the curse from Benirus Manor. I should touch his skeleton while I carry the bony hand and put an end to this madness.

  • Update: After giving the skeletal hand back:

Completing the skeleton was a ruse and Lorgren rose from the dead! I had no choice but to destroy him. With his destruction, the curse of Benirus Manor was lifted. I should return to The Count's Arms and speak to Velwyn.

  • Update: After meeting with Velwyn:

I have met Velwyn back at The Count's Arms. He congratulated me and then told me he would be off again to live in the Imperial City. Now I can truly call Benirus Manor my home.

  • Quest complete


  • Sometimes after Velwyn will just massage the wall and never open the portal. If this happens, just re-load the auto save.
  • One can kill Velwyn after completing the quest, as he has a Daedric Shortsword or a Glass Shortsword depending on level that could be useful to a low-level Hero.
  • The story of Lorgren Benirus and his downfall is very similar to that of Joseph Curwen in the novel "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward" by H. P. Lovecraft.
  • After destroying Lorgren, Carahil will thank the hero for completing the job she could not years before.
  • Lorgren refers to Carahil as a male. It is unknown if this was left early in development or just a simple mistake said by Lorgren.

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