Whispers from the Deep is a side quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset.


A number of adventurers have fallen prey to the magic of a mind trap. A mage named Oriandra has a plan to rescue them, but she needs my help to succeed.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Find Cainar
  2. Gather Spell Particles 0/3
  3. Talk to Cainar
  4. Find Grog
  5. Wake Grog up
  6. Use the bucket
  7. Find Miriya
  8. Follow Miriya's Path
  9. Follow Miriya's Path
  10. Talk to Miriya
  11. Return to Oriandra
  12. Rescue Oriandra
  13. Talk to Oriandra


When the Vestige talks to Oriandra she explains how Cainar, Grog and Miriya are trapped in the mindscape, an illusion by the Sea Sload K'Tora, and asks for assistance in freeing them.

When you ask Cainar to leave he refuses, as he seems to be interested in learning about the mindscape, and so he asks the Vestige to gather Spell Particles. After doing his task, he is excited and wishes to research them, but when the Vestige tells him that he has to escape, he realizes that the mind scale is an illusion and is released.

The Vestige must then rescue Grog who is discovered to have resisted the mind trap but is unconscious from drinking too much. The Vestige must wake him up by pouring a bucket of water on him.

The Vestige then must free Miriya by collecting and giving her three important items of her past to help her realize who she is. These items represent key events from her past which the Vestige witnesses as memories. The first memory is the death of her mother, the second memory is her initiation into the Dark Brotherhood and her third memory is her redemption.

Oriandra is then trapped in the mindscape, and the Vestige must defeat three of Oriandra's dark aspects to free her: Oriandra's Anger, Fear and Rage. After that, you must speak to Oriandra to complete the quest.


  • Shoes of the Psijic Order
  • 73–302 GoldIcon

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