Whiterun Stormcloak Camp is a Stormcloak encampment in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


The Dragonborn can find random loot in the low level chest there. There are also a various smithing stations to improve or create gear.

Whiterun Stormcloak Camp is also a place where Dragons appear often, usually at night every couple of days or so. Although, it has been noticed that dragons will not land sometimes when circling the camp.

Like all the Stormcloak camps it can be a good source of steel arrows.

If the Dragonborn is a part of the Imperial Legion and enters the camp, the Stormcloaks will draw their weapons and warn them to go away. Talking to any of the Stormcloaks will also make them draw their weapons. If the Dragonborn remains in the camp for an excessive period of time, the soldiers will attack.

There are a few horses that can be stolen in the camp, like many other camps.




  • If the Stormcloaks take control of Whiterun, the camp will become occupied by a small group of hunters.
  • This is the only Stormcloak camp that does not have a Stormcloak Quartermaster.


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  • Sometimes, only the Stormcloak commander and the wounded soldiers will be present at the camp if the Dragonborn travels there.


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